vendredi 8 décembre 2006

Epilogue :

The trip is finished. For us, it was really a great trip, much more we hoped when we started. I hope you enjoy with this report.
The web has been a fabulous tool for preparing this trip.I found everything on internet, waypoints tracks maps etc....
Morocco is really a beautiful country for riding a bike, there is all you need, tracks, mountains dunes, sand stone mud etc.... It is very safe and people are very friendly and welcoming.
The 400XR is a good bike to do this kind of tripIt was worth the wait, eight years the first trip.I can share wpts tracks etc...
I have also an home-made ( not by me ) map with road track etc... compatible Mapsource, I got it in my GPS and it was very useful.

‘’’ Hé Patrick, on est moulus, hein !!!!!!.............’’