samedi 9 décembre 2006

2-11 Meknes - sebta 340Km Last stage

As usual wake up at 6 am, I don't hear anymore the Muesin's call.

We recover the bikes parked in the street but watched all the night ( normally ). no breakfast in the hotel before 10, we stop in a small store where a friendly guy sells pancake with honey, delicious.

We start under the rain, we pass close to Moulay Idriss a typical white town build on a hill, and close to this town, the ruin city of Volubilis. A tourist bus is already there so we decide to continue.

We want to ride once again the track to Mokrisset done the first day.

We take a small road and arrive at Zouakine, under the rain. Stop at a bar for a mint tea . We have a look on the map and we see a track which is going to Zoumi, where is the start of the track done the first day. We ask somebody in the bar and actually it goes to Zoumi, yallah

on the track again. We cross many small villages where not many tourist pass. Finally we arrive at Zoumi where we take a wrong direction. Turn back and there we meet two french guys riding Suzuki 650 DR overloaded. They bought these bikes specially for this trip. When they see our luggage, they thought they took away too many things.their trip is beginning, our is finishing.

Are we going with them ??....

Refueling in Zoumi, we take the track, it very wet and slippery. Actually this is an old road covered with mud compressed by cars, the rain transformed it in an ice rink.

This track will become a sealed road soon, but now under the rain it looks like "holliday on ice", gently on the brakes if not...

Finally we arrive at Chefchaouen where we planned to stay for the night, before leaving Morocco.
Of course a false guide wants explain us the life, we say him kindly that we don't need help, and at the end he insults us with racist words, it was the unique time it happens for us in Morocco.

In a restaurant two german girls are eating, we ask if it's good, they say "Ja", so we decide to eat there too. We exchange informations with them, they have a very basic map so I give them mine, our trip is over, theirs begins.

We find that Chaouen is a very touristic place, Ceuta is just at two hour from here, and we decide to return home.

Refueling in a well watched gas station

Ceuta, the boat leaves at 19h30, Algeciras, on the highway in the dark and under the rain....

Finding the campsite, loading the bikes on the trailer, a quick shower, 22h00 we leave.

All the night on the spanish highways. 13h00 : I call "we are at home in a quarter".

That's it, it was a great trip.