dimanche 10 décembre 2006

1-11 Beni Mellal Meknes 340Km Oumr'bia Monkeys

Wake up at 6am as usual, we wake up the guard who is sleeping behind the desk. He opens the garage, we load the bikes, breakfast in a bar close to the hotel.

Start at 8 am, we are on the road again.

The road to Khenifra is not interesting, a straight line cruising at 90 km/h with an XR is boring.

In khenifra we take a Berber whisky.

We go towards Oum Er Rbia spring.

We meet coaler who are working on their charcoal kiln, like in the past. For them is todaywe arrive to Oum Er rbia spring, 7 sources and 2 with slated water

Basic tourist

I took a wrong track, with huge stairs and big stones like we used this type of tracks in enduro but without luggage. My friend is waiting on the good track.

Later, once again I'm waiting for Patrick, after a while I see him, he vawes me, once again a puncture, on the rear wheel this time. " you will see Michelin T63 will be fine" he said!!!...

Tire dismantling lesson, by an expert

Definitively, we can say Michelin T63 is a wrong choice for Moroccan tracks.

wild monkeys in the cedars forest

We are back on the same track as the second day.

Overloaded trucks. they drive very slowly, without brake, tyres over used. Be carreful, the road are more dangerous than the tracks.

Arriving at Azrou, refueling the bike and sealed road until Meknes.


Meknes down town, looking for an hotel in the hearth of the city