lundi 18 décembre 2006

24-10 Midelt Tinerhir 260Km Circus of Jaffar

As usual, wake up at 6 Am, once again the Muesin prepares us at 5. chocolatine and tangerine, it is frugal.

Departure at 7: 40, we turn around in Midelt before finding the track, of Jaffar circus, that we had made 8 years ago.

Arrived in overhang of the circus of Jaffar we stop for pictures memories, 8 years ago we get back here and there we will continue the track known as “shivers track” for the 4x4 drivers, with a bike it is not a problem, but by place the track's inclinations are important. Good feeling with a 4X4. To get out of the circus we take a wrong trail in a canyon, continuing on the right track now it is wonderful and the landscapes are very nice

Circus of Jaffar

shivers track

Near to the village Tizi’n zou, we stop in front of a large hole cutting the track (2m broad and as much of depth, ) a local guy explains us that not far the track is definitively cut and we have to return and take an other track on the north, of course he asks something for the information, we hesitate a little but the direction is good compared to the GPS and the ditch is passable with a bike. We decide to continue, there will be two or three crossings in the same type, a goat trail before finding the good track.

The first ford (It won’t be the last)

Sealed road until Agoudim, in the canyon we see the damage caused by the spring risings, it is really impressive, water carried whole parts of walls. The track begins again after Agoudim. Stop for picnic close to Tamalout in a oued ( river ) bordered of cedars.

The track continues, crossing a pass with 2650m high. Before Imilchil, we turn the throttle in the rise.

Return on a tar road, we avoid Imilchill and go directly towards Thodra gorges. We pass once again at 2670m high, we go down in the gorges, it’s a pity to have tar the track and also to have build a hotel at the entry of the gorges. We pass two 4x4, they are heavy loaded.

We arrive at Tinerhir at around 4PM, after almost 7 hours riding. We look for an hotel in the guide and finally we select a guesthouse named ‘’retour au calme’’ this means « return quiet », our guest Mohamed is very friendly and welcoming , the house is really typical, close to the palm plantation and clean, we eat there very well and the breakfast (the first in Morocco) is extra. An address to be recommended. (email One of the best stopping place we have had.

Vue from the bedroom in the morning

It is the end of the Ramadan, it’s a feast day, people are in the street, very well wear to visit the family and the neighbors. We drink a Coke downtown, discussion with a guy who explains us the difficulty in following the Ramadan, and who is quite happy that finishes. As usual now, we purchase for picnic of the following day, this time we buy mackerels it is a feast day. A young guy guide us to the shop and to a bar where we can buy some bread, only to help us and not to sell us or to ask us somethings as it is often the case.We eat an excellent Tajine, the bikes are in the watched parking of the hospital, close to the house. I am finally able to connect the GPS and pocket PC and to download the tracks of the previous stages, at last, the memory of the GPS was full.

’ Hé Patrick, on est moulus, hein !!! ‘’

Tomorrow huge stage.