mardi 19 décembre 2006

23-10 Fes Midelt 281Km Barbed wire

Wake up at 6 am, in fact we are awake since 4 :15 am, because of the call of the Muesin for the prayer. May be because the Ramadan the level of the “sound system” is very high, and we hear two calls, first at 4:15 am and the second at 5 am. And it’s during a long time.
Regarding the breakfast we don’t have to think about it, because of Ramadan
The caretaker is angry because 7am is too early and the day doesn’t begin well, so we can go.

Anyway, we load the bikes and we start, it is 7:30 pm and we have nothing to eat and to drink, we will find something to buy on the road. But all the stores are closed.

On the hill towards Imouzer kandar before arriving to Ifrane around 1800m high, the bike are running very bad, it seems that the mixture is wrong, specially Patrick’s bike. Following my advices, he changes the carburetor setup, in order to put back the baffle on the exhaust pipe, to have a quieter bike. Obviously it is not a success.

Before Ifrane, first trails, we take the track T1 describe in the Gandini guide book, superb tracks stony by place, super. Except that at one moment right in the middle of the track, a barbed wire is tended, emergency braking, I carry the wire, rattling noise. Once stopped, I note the damage, ouf nothing important , the engine protect, the exhaust pipe and a wing of the cylinder are well striped but it is all, not puncture, all is well. I have had a big fear nevertheless, especially because here the barbed wires seems very strong.
‘’ Hé Patrick, on est moulus, hein !!! ‘’
We saw two ski slopes just before Ifrane. With only one ski lift. It’s amazing for this country

Arriving to Ifrane , the « Switzerland of Morocco » in front of the royal palace an army of gardeners is working on the parks. It seems like we have changed of country. We stop at an hotel to buy some water, 15Dh the bottle oups “ this is a three stars hotel mister “.We fill in the tanks and we go down town, the stores are open, purchases for the picnic, sardines with tomatoes sauce ( to change a little bit ), “laughing cow”, toasts ( no bread until 1PM Inch Allah). Now we can go, we take a track on the left after the gas station, we pass to the Gouraud Cedar ( a tree Known I don’t know why ), we arrive on the sealed road Azrou Midel and after few kilometer we take a track on the left, towards the south, Gas...

Gouraud Cedar

Patrick’s bike is running more and more badly because of the altitude, now the high is more than 2000m. We stop for the picnic and organize a mechanical workshop in order to remove the exhaust pipe baffle which chokes the engine.

But it is rebellious and does not want to leave, using a cable, we attach the baffle to a tree, start the engine , first gear, acceleration and nothing happens, the wheel digs the ground but it is all.
At least, step by step we manage to leave it.
Testing, it’s Ok, it's running better.
Regarding my own bike the head of the screw is out of order and I need a drilling machine. So I remove the Sand-stop which I had put at the entry of the air filter, that is a little better but it is not yet fine.

Baffle doesn't move

We meet a French couple with a Toyota very well equipped, we discuss about our respective plans.
We set out again, in the Cedar forests, excellent sandy track, further we will see the monkeys but too far for a pictures. In a small village, as we doesn’t want to give pen or candy the children want to send to us on a wrong track, thank you the GPS.

Before Bakrit, during 2 or 3 km the track are covered with heaps of large gravels put here in order to remake the track, on the first part we can go on the right or on the left side but then the track is like a cornice and it is necessary to cross the woops formed by the gravel heaps, no problem with a bike, but with a 4x4 that must be less funny. Return on the sealed road, a straight line like there are a lot in Morocco, arrival on Midelt. Stop in a garage to see whether they can put in blow of drilling machine at my screw, they do not have a drill and propose to weld a piece of iron onto the screw to remove it, no thank you we will see later.
We arrive around 5 PM, hotel Atlas, 170Dh, for the night, meal for two, garage for the bikes and hot shower.

We meet a guy from Finistère, he is traveling with an old BJ45 Toyota, he offers us two beers, a funny guy.

During the diner we discuss with a couple from Quebec, After we walk through the town, discuss with Moroccans, purchases for tomorrow’s picnic, there is a lot of peoples in the streets during the night because of Ramadan. A good evening

Now, to the bed, tomorrow we have a huge stage.